Project BEP
INTEGRATION: Structure - Architecture – Systems
LOD: 300

This project is the result of a partnership among ACEN (the Association of Neapolitan Constructors), the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the University of Naples and STRESS (a limited liability consortium working on research and technological innovations in the construction sector). The activity has dealt with the implementation of a BIM model of part of the transformation project of Neapolitan Cittadella dei Servizi e degli Enti Paritetici, which was designed by Luigi Cosenza and not completely realized. The final project was implemented on an Autodesk Revit platform, integrating information regarding the architecture, structure, systems and costs in a single tool. The compatibility between the IFC and IFC4 formats enabled there to be interoperability among the BIM experts and colleagues using traditional tools. In some cases, parametrical components were modeled ad hoc; in other cases, they were realized with the help of Autodesk Seek and BIM object portals. The result was evident time and resources optimization in the virtualization phase of the architectonical and structural model, and of its capacity to assure the validity of the data considered for lifecycle-oriented management. The fundamental aim of this partnership is to disseminate the BIM methodology in the regional area, in order to launch a process of technological improvement among construction experts and companies. To this end, the BIM modeled project described was made available by ACEN for designers and operators interested in the BIM methodology.

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