Immerse yourself in the BIM task force and learn how to use the BIM methodology, working on real projects!

What is it?

You will become part of a project team composed of four experts working on a complete project, from the original idea to the executive design, starting from a sketch that will be identified by real project contests in Italy and abroad. The groups will be comprised of at least one architect and an engineer with structural competencies.
You will start by designing in a working team, alternating practice sessions and short lessons, which will provide you with the skills required.
The course is full-time: six hours a day, five days a week at the FED spinoff office.

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You will have access to the hardware and software required to work in a cloud environment. During this period, a BIM angel will help your group to design and produce the BIM model and all the BIM design documentation, according to the new standards defined by the UNI 11337. If necessary, given the cloud-based approach, you can keep working whenever and wherever you want. The BIM angel will also keep supporting you. Once the course is completed, you and your team will present your project to the commission, which will rate it. This is not a real exam, but an opportunity for debate that will encourage everyone to give their best.
The project you will produce with your colleagues will be yours and you can use it as you want. You can also publish it on our online database, which is accessed by thousands of visitors, together with your CV.
You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

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Who can participate?

BIM task forces are open to engineers and architects with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and surveyors. There will be at least one engineer with a Master’s or equivalent degree in every team. Each team will also contain one surveyor.
Participation in a BIM task force is subject to a free interview, which is only aimed at verifying the minimum requirements for participation. The project teams will be varied in order to guarantee homogeneous levels of competencies and design experiences of the team members.

How much is it?

The cost is €500 per person, VAT excluded. Do you want to work with colleagues you already know? Register as a team and you can save €50 each (two people – €450 per person, three people – €400 per person, four people – €350 per person). If you are registering as a team, the team members must have the complementary skills required.
Payment must be made via bank transfer when registering for the course.


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