BIM also has great potential in cases of construction management and in the management of huge construction sites, such as infrastructures. The following case study was characterized by the BIM of some infrastructures like roads, viaducts and tunnels, with the aim being to monitor and manage all the information necessary for the development of the construction phase. With this application, it was possible to get the information needed to conduct the quantity takeoff activities directly from the BIM model and in an interoperable manner. These activities are the realization of the BOQ and the operations’ time schedule.

In this application, every alteration of the BIM model modifies the information included in the BOQ and the operations’ time schedule, leading to the constant control and upgrade of all the documents needed for the order management. Moreover, in this application, the operations’ time schedule and the phases’ partitions were studied. In particular, all the operation phases were examined, including the digging phases and the temporary structures, creating a subdivision according to the work breakdown structure (WBS) directly in the BIM model.