FED provides advanced services for a BIM-oriented integrated design, using reliable tools for sustainability assessments based on the Life Cycle Thinking approach. The services offered by FED overcome the limits of conventional design and guarantee a common methodological framework that is able to trace and manage the large amount of data characterizing modern constructions, responding to the demand for sustainable civil and residential structures.

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Technical Support for BIM design

Take advantages of BIM opportunities

Design in civil engineering is rapidly changing toward new methodologies based on BIM. Nowadays, BIM-based design procedures are necessary to meet the demands of the construction market. FED is able to offer qualified support for: building designs produced in the BIM environment; creating connections with operators and designers working with BIM methodologies; and converting conventional design projects into BIM schemes.


Participation in public contracts

Assessment of ameliorative proposals responding to sustainability criteria in tenders offering best-value for-money

According to the new Italian law on public procurements (L50/2016), companies are often asked to respond to requirements to reduce the environmental impact of their projects. FED offers consultancy services for the quantification of impact reduction according to current environmental impact standards, including all the lifecycle phases of the considered products or processes.


Sustainable integrated design

Fulfilling sustainability design requirements

Civil designs these days are expected to satisfy environmental, social and economic sustainability demands. FED offers support and consulting services to designers and operators when it comes to defining optimal design solutions, with consideration given to all design levels in order to achieve a sustainable integrated design.



Construction Management

Manage BIM contracts

The effective management of constructions and contracts takes advantage of new BIM design, with consideration also given to financial and organizational points of view. FED provides specific support for the BIM digitalization of projects, the definition of construction work time schedules, and documents related to construction management. Outputs are able to predict, with a high degree of reliability, the financial exposure of an entire project, and, at the same time, manage resources in an optimized approach.


Facility Management

BIM for existing buildings and facilities

BIM provides significant opportunities for managers of existing buildings and structures, enabling them to optimize procedures for current maintenance, the organization of available space, and the design of interventions for requalification and re-functionalization purposes. FED offers support for the digitalization of existing constructions and buildings and the creation of BIM platforms for proper facility management.



Provide expertise and training to practitioners

The revolution in the construction industry regarding BIM methodologies and procedures for sustainability assessments and certification requires continuous upgrading to be competitive and take advantage of new opportunities. FED provides training and professional courses to designers and operators, supporting professional growth through the acquisition of advanced competencies.


LCA analyses

Quantify the environmental impacts during a building's lifecycle

The construction and related industries are widely recognized as having a significant impact on the environment. The global commitment to reducing resource use and improving the environmental impact related to the construction industry is leading to these effects being quantified using an LCA approach during a construction’s lifecycle. The LCA is based on strict, standardized laws, such as ISO 14040, which support environmentally friendly design and sustainability assessments according to international protocols (LEED, ITACA, GBC). FED therefore conducts LCA studies for construction products and processes according to the set of ISO 14040.


EPD and environmental certifications

Certify the environmental sustainability

Sustainability certifications of construction products and processes are ruled by strict standards, but they can increase market opportunities. FED supports building product manufacturers and suppliers when it comes to acquiring environmental certifications. FED is an LCA consultant, as reported in the list produced by the International EPD system (http://www.environdec.com/en/Creating-EPD/List-of-LCA-consultants/), and performs LCA analyses and issues EPD certifications.


Geotechnical design in the BIM environment

Technical Support for Geotechnical design in the BIM environment

On the basis of the new Italian law on public procurements (BIM decree L50/2016), which will govern the obligation to launch public tender procedures and to design the public works based on BIM methodologies, the geotechnical information required to the model definition must be fully integrated. Furthermore, the integration of the geotechnical data provides significant cost and time savings in major schemes. FED is able to offer qualified support for the development and the integration of the geotechnical model in the BIM environment.