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10 October 2017

BIMobject adds sustainability and environmental data in cooperation with FED Spinoff

Today, BIMobject AB (BIMobject) and FED Spinoff – Future Environmental Design (FED) announce the agreement to cooperate to develop new functionalities and services for the platform BIMobject® Cloud regarding product information on sustainability and environment. This will allow manufacturers to share data on the environmental sustainability of their products, and enable designers and architects to perform sustainability calculations and simulations of BIM-based projects.


Our Mission

Future Environmental Design aims to introduce sustainability principles in the main building design activities through a strategic approach based on the use of an original operational tool, which is the Building Information Modeling (BIM). To this scope, the design approach, fostered by the increasing complexity of current constructions, has involved the development of new skills, which allow for the management and sharing of a big amount of digitalized information (Digitalization) through an easy and coordinated procedure (Interoperability).  The result of such a design process will be technologically advanced and sustainable constructions (Construction 4.0). Indeed, the new design approach meets an increasing request for sustainability evaluation in construction interventions. Life cycle-based methodologies represent the fundamental operational tool in this regard, aimed to strategically influence investment policies or define preferential benchmarks. Services offered by FED match this design scheme and promote the use of advanced and sustainable technologies, encompassing, in this way, many of the construction industry stakeholders.


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